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October 27, 2012
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Spectrum Town
A small coastal town, Spectrum is best known for its Pokemon lab ran by the
illustrious Professor Fern, a young and fiery red-headed professor who is a lot
more interested in healthy field work and practical battles than the other
Professors. Its location has made it the perfect place for the annual Pokemon
Presentation Day - or PPD - where first-time trainers come from all over to
recieve their first Pokemon.

Charcoal Town
Set against the back of a forest, Charcoal town's fire type gym leaders -
Bernard & Bernadette (corruption of Burn) - are the foremen of a lumberjack
company that operate out of the area. Taking only dead trees and planting new
ones in their place, Charcoal Town's exports are many but include wood, paper
and most notably Charcoal which is used as fuel for furnaces to create metal.
The city supplies to places such as Galvalume and Cyan City and is surprisingly
important to Eson's economy.

Chartreuse City
The inhabitants of Chatreuse City mostly love bug type Pokemon, but none more
so than the gym leader and expert entomologist Sheldon (corruption of insect
shell). Chartreuse is in a symbiosis with the local bug Pokemon; they provide
the city's populace with materials such as silk to make clothes, honey to eat and
wax to use and the humans nurture the Pokemon's ecology.

Ivory City
A shining beacon of utopia, Ivory City is a bustling place with a large shopping
center. It used to be a far darker place before the appearance of Poke-Man,
the city's current fighting type Gym Leader and resident super hero who
cleans up crime when it occurs. Can you discover his secret identity?

Ebony Town
A nocturnal town with only the Pokemon Center active during the daytime. At
night, the town wakes up and plays host to a large amount of Polterguest that
visit Ebony Town to test the inhabitant's hospitality. Ebony Town's gym leader
is dark type enthusiast, Mina (named for a female character in Dracula).

Cornflower Town
Everyone seems happy in Cornflower Town and keep themselves to themselves.
The town is actually under the thrall of psychic type Gym Leader Anthony, whose
power can alter reality. Any person who isn't seen to be happy is banished to a
cornfield at the back of the village; the inhabitants get so tired of this, they
play along just to make life easier. (Anthony and the whole scenario is a
reference to a famous episode of the Twilight Zone, 'it's a good life').

Sunglow City
Sunglow City is the site of the Dragon Sanctuary, a place where wounded or
abandoned dragon type Pokemon are sent or taken to so they can be nursed
back to health and released back into the wild if they wish. Gym leader George
(named for Saint. George) runs the Sanctuary, which is also on a dragon
Pokemon migratory route, so he can dedicate his life to his true passion.  

Galvalume City
Galvalume City is known throughout the Eson region as being home to the
largest museum and collection of historical artefacts in the land with a focus
on pokemon-related paraphenalia. The museum also doubles up as gym for the
curator and steel type gym leader, Arthur (named for King Arthur).

Amethyst City
Amethyst City earned its name for the large crystal amethyst pillar that
stands in the center; it is thought to be the reason for the high
concentration of ghost type Pokemon in the area. Those who are ill make
the pilgrimage to the city to be cured with the help of the spirit healer
and ghost type gym leader Harry (named for spiritualist Harry Edwards).

Sienna City
Sienna City is compiled of multiple buildings and structures all set in and
around the walls of a huge underground cavern. Sienna's main export is
various resources found in the cavern, such as fertile soil and fossils; the
ground type gym leader / paeleontologist Ross (named for Ross from Friends)
is a close friend to Galvalune City's Arthur; they often send correspondence
to each other about the curios they uncover. Sienna is also home to a large
excavation site.

Cyan City
Son of the Team Epsilon scientist Daedalus, Cyan City's flying type gym leader
Icarus (named for the Greek who wore wings of feathers and wax to fly) does
not get on with his father. Raised as a member of Epsilon, he fled the criminals
and helped provide the people of Cyan City with the high level of steampunk-esque
technology that now powers the city.

Wisteria Town
A long time ago, there was a huge war between two armies that blasted a
crator in the land and saturated the area with poisonous fumes and toxins.
For a very long time, this location was too dangerous to walk in but the levels
of toxicity have decreased over the years and the site has become home to
researchers and scientists interested in the energy and ecological changes
left here. That is the origins of Wisteria town, whose gym leader is the
poison type enthusiast Julius (named for the 'father of the atom bomb').

Azure City
Before the birth of Azure city, its founder - the water type gym leader
Bartholomew (named for the Pirate, Black Bart) - created a boat that would
become his home. Over the years he has travelled the seas and picked up many
would-be castaways and shipwreck survivors and has had to increase the size
of his ship accordingly. It is now known as Azure City or the Floating City, a
refuge for those with nowhere else to go.

Honeydew City
The city of Honeydew is built on a particularly fertile area where vegetation
grows wildly and has taken over the city. Thick vines and thorns grow
everywhere, moss and creepers grow across house walls and floors. The
result is that the inhabitants of this town are very healthy and full of life,
believing the place to be blessed by a nature Pokemon diety, Dinothorn.
The gym leader here is called Briar (named for Sleeping Beauty); she is also an
expert in botany and studies the plantlife and its qualities unique to the area
in the hope of making effective medicines and herbs.

Vanilla Town
The festive Vanilla Town is one of celebration, where the inhabitants are
kind and jolly. The villagers work as one spending a lot of their time making
preperations for the end of the year, when their gym leader Nicholas (named
for Saint. Nicholas) travels the world, giving presents to children with the
help of his ice type Pokemon. Despite his busy schedule, the caring Nicholas always
has time to battlechallengers who venture all the way out to Vanilla City to compete
for his badge!

Russet Town
The hometown to famous Eson rock star and gym leader Lita (named for Lita
Ford, a real-life female rock star), Russet town is often the site of many gigs
and venues performed by Lita herself who uses her gym as both a stage and
stadium for challengers who want to battle her rock-type Pokemon team. The
town is a haven for music lovers and is a tourist destination that often has an
excited and charged atmosphere.

Jonquil Town
The Town of Jonquil is the home to both Benjamina and Franklin (named for
Benjamin Franklin) twin electric type gym leaders who have their gym - an
ostentacious castle - set on a hill overlooking the town. They are seen as recluse
accentrics by the city's inhabitants, but they have done much by providing the
esoteric electrical inventions that power the local area. The gym leader's
experiments and science is not always exact, however; the two often interrupt
each other's work and cause malfunctions.

Pearl Town
Pearl Town is the destination of a lot of creative types, a welcoming place not
only to artists from all walks of life, but also to art appreciators. Hosting an art
school and the best, most prestigious galleries, Pearl Town harbors painters,
poets and sensitive souls. It provides not only a peaceful atmosphere for those
that desire concentration but also one where like-minded individuals can bounce
ideas off and find inspiration in each other should it be desired. The local art
expert, whose paintings sell for a small fortune and are largely sought after, is
also the normal type gym leader Waldo (named for 'Where's Waldo?' character).
Hi guys,
this is a brief synopsis of all the towns and cities I have planned for the Eson region in Pokemon Alpha / Omega, as well as the gym leaders there.

Unlike the regular Pokemon games - which only have 8 gyms - I have decided it makes more sense to make a gym and location based on each of the seventeen types; this will also accommodate for the large number of planned Fakemon my region will have.

I hope you enjoy reading! :D

:bulletblue: With regards to the Pokemon Alpha / Omega RP, there are some details that have been changed to fit in the RPer's OCs.

The ones detailed in the above document are the ones that will be used in any capacity outside the RP.


Pokemon is copyright to Nintendo.

The characters, designs and material contained in this document are copyright to me and can't be used outside the context of :iconpoke-alpha-and-omega:

The Daedalus idea was suggested by :iconvodos: so thank you to him for that!
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Thank you :glomp: yeah I spent a fair while on them ^^; a lot of them have been in my head for a while, I just didn't get round to posting and finalizing the details!

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