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Should I keep Blightmare (… ) as my prestilence 'bringer' legendary or make a new one? 

26 deviants said To Keep
8 deviants said Not to Keep

Gifts & Fanart

This space is dedicated to those of you who have generously given me gifts and fan art (new fakemon designs for :iconpoke-alpha-and-omega: won't be featured here because they have a whole group folder for them!) In no particular order, they are:

:iconneed-no-king: --> Fanart Trueform by Need-No-King

:icondarkmilkyway1701: --> Fakemon Sketches: page 38 (Novamu island) by DarkMilkyWay1701

:icondalejandre1: --> Spooky Buddies(Not the Movie) Trueform's Gift WIP! by dalejandre1Robots Against Robots by dalejandre1

:icontharacorleone: --> The Frog King by TharaCorleone

:iconninkom13: --> RAGNAROACH for Trueform by Ninkom13

:iconelectricobra: --> Peaping Doesnt Peap Dont Worry Girls by electricobra

:iconwriteowlet: --> Commission: Nightime is Vampuni Time by WriteOwlet

:iconperplex123: --> For TrueForm :) by Perplex123

:icontoxicwyvern: --> Charged Cat Fight by ToxicWyvern

:iconmarchenhope: --> Request Trueform by MarchenHopeRequest Trueform - Second Form by MarchenHope

:icondalejandre1: --> Vampuni Fan Art Complete! by dalejandre1 Pybat and Vampuni: Short StoryCast:
Manfred? the Vampuni
Pybat #1 George
Pybat #2 Helen 
"George I don't think we're going to find any food tonight.....I think we're going to have to migrate to another area."
"No, no Helen there has to be some morsel of food left here! Lets try that cave over there, its the last place we haven't checked!"
"Fine, lets go and check."
As they entered the cave both George and Helen spotted another Bat Pokemon Vampuni.
"Excuse me Mr. Bat, what is your name," asked Helen?
"Shush, don't talk so loud, your gonna wake up those Oddishes over there!"
"Oh I'm sorry Mr. Bat, but how are you going to finish those two Oddishes all by yourself."
"Helen your not seriously thinking of eating one of those Oddishes? We're Veggie eating Pokemon, not meat eaters, doing this would go against what we believe in," said George!
"Is there actually a difference between a Veggie and an Oddish George?
"Yes! An Oddish is a living breathing being just like us, eating it would be considered cannibalism!"
Pybat and Vampuni: Short Story Part 2/3Characters:
Manfred the Drakulurk
Helen the Murcielurn
George the Dracuration
Champion Victoria 
This part of the story will lead up to the Meet up with Drakulurk!
After a year of traveling and collecting the 8 gym badges, Alex and his team were on the final stretch. They were in front of the Champion's door.
"Welcome challenger, I have been awaiting you. You seem very strong for such a young trainer, you sorta remind me of myself."
"Enough with the chitchat Champion lets battle!"
"As you wish."
An intense battle proceeded between Alex and Victoria, each gave it there best until they were both down to one Pokemon each.
"I was right you are a very strong trainer kid, but are you strong enough to defeat my starter? GO TIBUROLT!
"Crap! Tiburolt is a Water/Electric type..... it has a giant type advantage against am I going to win this," Alex thought to himself.
"Well challenger, are you going to send out your final Pokemon?
"Go Dracuration!"
"I'll start this off
Pybat and Vampuni: Short Story Part 3/3Characters:
Manfred the Drakulurk
Helen the Murcielurn 
George the Draculation
"What have you done to Helen, huh Mr. Bat," asked George?
"Oh that's right you left before I could introduce myself. I am Manfred the Drakulurk, and I have done nothing to her. She is just as she was when you left her."
"Then show me Manfred!"
"Oh Helen, an old friend of yours is here to see you!"
Helen slowly flew in, she had evolved into a Murcielurn in the span of a year. However there was something wrong with her. It was though she was in a trance.
"Did....did you brainwash her!"
"Oh but of course my small brained friend. After  she ate the Oddish, she wanted to go looking for you. I however did not want that, I didn't want to live a life of solitude. So I hypnotized her and and ate any memories she had of you!"
" fiend, I'll Kill you for this!"
"Go ahead and try,"shouted Manfred!
"Sunny Day," shouted George!
An artificial sun slowly formed inside the cave, allowing light to expose th

:iconxswordsdance: --> Grubble Grubble... by xSwordsDance

:iconcid-fox: --> Fanart - Floroar (Fanart Time V) by Cid-FoxFanart - A Midnight stroll by Cid-Fox Fanart - Snow Alliance by Cid-Fox
Fanart - Moana and Banshriek (Fanart time I) by Cid-Fox Birthday gift for TrueForm! by Cid-FoxFanart - My team from Trueform's world by Cid-Fox Fanart - Sawful (Fanart Time III) by Cid-Fox For my great Watchers! by Cid-Fox

:iconmagneticboom: --> [Request] Fakemon - Vampuni - FanArt by MagneticBoom

:iconbobertbra: --> Gym Leader Anthony Fanart by Bobertbra

:iconnarupit: --> 2nd prize Trueform by narupit Trueform's second and last prize ! by narupitNoospectre - Late Birthday Gift for Trueform !! by narupit

:icondaylover1313: --> Mina (no color) by daylover1313 Mina color by daylover1313 Papperika by daylover1313

:iconbubblewrap-pancakes: --> Mina by bubblewrap-pancakes Trueform's Kitnip by bubblewrap-pancakes Trueform's Tigrowth by bubblewrap-pancakes Trueform's Floroar by bubblewrap-pancakes Trueform's Floroar (T1) by bubblewrap-pancakes Trueform's Floroar (T2) by bubblewrap-pancakes Trueform's Starters by bubblewrap-pancakes Trueform's Ballerazor La by bubblewrap-pancakes Eson Team- Frostag by bubblewrap-pancakes Eson Team- Mirrary by bubblewrap-pancakes Eson Team- Serafemme by bubblewrap-pancakes Trueform's Vipid by bubblewrap-pancakesEson Team- Floroar by bubblewrap-pancakes Eson Team- Huskii by bubblewrap-pancakes Eson Team- Rojan by bubblewrap-pancakes Grass Cats by bubblewrap-pancakes

:iconrunekeriandrake: --> Tahhan to Eson by RuneKerianDrakeRodents and Cats by RuneKerianDrakeThe Best Pranckster by RuneKerianDrake

:iconryan4638: --> Xmas Drawing by ryan4638

:iconairora360: --> Christmas gift to Trueform by Airora360 The Best Pranckster by RuneKerianDrake

:iconkuro-no-yuki: --> Merry christmas Trueform and NinetalesNine ^^ by Kuro-No-Yuki

:iconkudjulu: --> Xmas present Trueform by KudjuluEson Region Starters by Kudjulu

:icontigrite: --> Vampuni Christmas party. by Tigrite

:icontwistedtalon: --> Gift: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Frostag by TwistedTalon Animation- Peppanic by TwistedTalonFan Animation- Aggeisha by TwistedTalon Happy Birthday! (Animation) by TwistedTalonFanart- Trick or Treat by TwistedTalonThe Atlasect Family by TwistedTalon FA- Shellion by TwistedTalon

:iconcj1206: --> 'HUSKII used AURORA BEAM' (GiftArt for Trueform) by cj1206

:iconekaliel: --> Xmas gift for Trueform by ekaliel :thumb342890778:

:iconkushell: --> Present For Trueform - Vampuni - by Kushell

:iconemrasa: --> Commission for Trueform Gym leader Mina by Emrasa Trueforms Moana and Banshriek by Emrasa

:iconscarred-zoroark: --> Bigger wings by Scarred-Zoroark

:iconsamueldesigns: --> Rip Commission for Trueform by SamuelDesigns

:iconsouleaterf: --> Kitnip by Souleaterf

:iconcupojo: --> Trueforms Tartar by CupOJo Trueforms Gelitar by CupOJo Trueform Fanart #1 by CupOJo

:iconmetalpikachu3500: --> Tariffic chasing Pikachu by MetalPikachu3500

:icont-reqs: --> Contest Prize- Trueform by T-Reqs Ponshodown by T-Reqs

:iconracotaco: --> walking trainer by racotaco Grubbly animation by racotaco We all live in a yellow submarine by racotaco confused peaping by racotaco

:iconleoteo-2nd: --> Mantiara by LeoTeo-2nd

:iconpanlong-dragon: --> Egg Battle! Fanart For Trueform by Panlong-Dragon Merry Christmas Trueform! by Panlong-Dragon

:iconwaffle217: --> Request: Trueform by Waffle217

:iconmr-flufflumps: --> Alpha Sprite by Mr-Flufflumps Swink by Mr-Flufflumps OverWorld Alpha Sprite by Mr-Flufflumps Alpha Overworld Scene by Mr-Flufflumps Alpha Scene by Mr-Flufflumps Elefun by Mr-Flufflumps Kitnip by Mr-Flufflumps Trueform Minecraft Skin by Mr-Flufflumps

:iconwinged-wasabi: --> Pokemon Alpha and Omega Poster by Winged-Wasabi WTF Comics-Trueform's Huskii by Winged-Wasabi

:iconliepardmon555: --> Best friends by Liepardmon555

My apologies in advance if you're not featured here, I was going through my gallery with several windows open so I may have missed one or two pieces. Please let me know if you find any that aren't featured in either :iconpoke-alpha-and-omega: or here and I will add them ASAP!
Thanks for your entries guys, we had some good ones this month and it seems - unsurprisingly for gamers and artists, of course - that a lot of people are fond of Eastern-based ideas :aww: here are the results! Unfortunately, :iconsynnophis: is now a deactivated account, so I won't be announcing their place in the challenge - if they come back and want to know where they came, I will be pleased to update this for them :)

Bullet; Green 1st Place
Silcoat and Mothragon by ToxicWyvernFloating Lanterns by Vortex-TwinsWatchall by JoJoDeePhantoil by GJSQ

Bullet; Green 2nd Place
FAKEMON: How Asian can you get? by Need-No-KingThundering New Year by RuneKerianDrake#190-Denglow by EternalsonicstarWealth and prosperity WIP by Winged-WasabiChinese White Tiger Cub colored by sketchmattChinese White Tiger colored by sketchmatt#tba in mysepia legendary RAGON by electricobra

Bullet; Green 3rd Place
Bow to the Fire Trickster by RuneKerianDrakeKitsukaa by Vortex-TwinsLucky Cricket (WIP) by Vortex-TwinsChyiStash by mr15theminecrafterContest entry: Trueform by steffenka

There we have it guys, sorry for the delay on the announcement.

Now onto the next TDC!


TDC 4: Fakefusion

This is TDC 4: Fakefusion! The rules are as follows:

Bullet; Green This TDC challenge is to make a fusion design including two of my own Fakemon found here:…
:bulletgreen: For those of you unsure of what a fusion is, see the fusion generator using offical Pokemon here:
:bulletgreen: You can include as many entries as you like.
Bullet; Green You are welcome to change or update your entry whenever you like.
Bullet; Green TDC 2 will be closed on May 13th 2014.


Artists of ANY skill level should feel free to take part. TDC should be considered a workshop to practise both skill and design, so please don't feel like you shouldn't contribute if you're not confident in your art. I encourage others who take part to offer help and advice if you request it in your description (so you will always get some feedback, even if it's just from me) and constructive criticism is always useful, but abuse and unhelpful comments such as 'this suxxxs111' etc will not be tolerated.

Thanks again for your entries guys and have fun!


:iconsteffenka: --> Contest entry: Trueform by steffenka
:iconsteamland: --> TD4 Mulgreedy by Steamland
:iconjojodee: --> TDC 4: Fakefusion by JoJoDee
:iconelectricobra: --> Contest 2 by electricobra
:iconkudjulu: --> Hanging Like A Pepper In The Branch by Kudjulu
:icondalejandre1: --> Trueform's TDC 4 Entry(WIP) by dalejandre1
:iconmr15theminecrafter: --> Entry for Trueform contest by mr15theminecrafter
:iconbelzark-knight: --> Trueform Contest 4 by Belzark-Knight
:iconzuroyuso: --> Trueform contest entry: Anglasect by Zuroyuso


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Beings as I seem to necessitate some instruction before use, I present to you:


This is handy guide will feature all you need to know about the etiquette in dealing with the non-complexity that is me. I may add to this in the future as needed and it will be handily posted up on my profile as a 'pocket guide' if you will. Now without further ado, let's begin.
If we watch each other, please don't ask or expect me to comment on your work if you're not willing to do the same for me. Support works both ways, and if you're not willing to take the time to comment on my work, why I should do so for you?

I don't make gifts often because I don't have a lot of time and my personal work takes priority. When I do make them, I don't want to feel pressured or rushed into it so please don't hassle me about it; a gift isn't a commission, it's done on my own time and out of kindness. Most people are fine with that and are very patient, so thank you to everyone who is. For those of you who aren't patient, I will either stop making the gift altogether or drop it to the end of my VERY long to-do list, especially after I took the time to write the journal explaining WHY I sometimes have trouble submitting art.

I am a very patient person and I try to be as easy-going and kind as I can be; as such, some people see these traits and mark them down as docility. That is a mistake. Treat me how you want to be treated yourself and if you act offensively or rudely, you will be treated the same way.

If they're about my personal life, I will always put up a quick version for casual watchers who are only interested in my artwork and a longer version for those interested in me as a person. I only write journals when I have something to say, so if it's been posted, it's been posted for a reason.

Thank you all for listening. I am bluntly honest, so if there's an issue you're concerned with, feel free to contact me directly. The issues mentioned here


They are issues that have been brought up frequently by several people and that is why I have made the journal, otherwise I would have just told you personally rather than making it public.

If you've been affected by any of the topics touched upon in this 'For Dummies' guide, please contact me on the number below.



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